Silk Turban

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The ultimate in luxury sleep protection for your hair.

Designed, developed and handmade in Ireland, using 100% 22 momme Mullberry silk (oetk-tex 100 standard certified) turbans. Elasticated, extremely comfortable and easy to wear 

Sleep protection for your hair is vital if you wish to prevent breakage which is caused by friction as we toss and turn throughout our sleep. Protecting your hair while you sleep with a silk turban, will not only help prevent breakage but it will also help retain moisture and natural oils in your hair which is uber important for the health of your hair. 

Simply pile your hair on top of your head and slip on your little bit of luxury silk turban.

Available in Rose Pink and Ivory. 

DO NOT MACHINE WASH. It is recommended that pure silk be dry cleaned however, you can handwash in luke warm water with a very mild detergent. Wrong excess water out GENTLY. Smooth out any wrinkles and dry flat. DO NOT SOAK.